From Zero to Hero in the speed of sound


Main Characters:

Josh I. Rose: A hedgehog with problems, lives with his sister Jess and has possession of the mask, but doesn't tell anyone.

Jess B. Rose: Josh's sister.

Annabelle: A shy, yet friendly hedgehog with a secret.

Side Characters:
Zach J. Dasher: basically an asshole

Mr. Bobbi: is a Teacher.

Vanessa: Annabelle's trustworthy friend.  knows about annabelle's secret.

Sammy: A squirrel who claims that she's not from this world.

Charlie: Sammy's demon brother.

???: (Not being revealed yet)

(Other side characters Coming Soon)

Cameos (Hidden and Normal):
Vinny (vinesauce): Can be seen in chapter 2 behind the bank robbing robot.

(Other cameos coming soon)